Pilot Grant Program

2019 Call for Applications for Pilot and Feasibility (P & F) Studies

Full Proposals will be accepted from:

  1. New investigators, who have not had R01 or P01 or equivalent funding, to do innovative skin research
  2. Investigators proposing basic/translational collaborations and interdisciplinary research projects in skin research
  3. Established investigators outside the field of skin research who want to apply their expertise to this area and/or collaborate with skin researchers

Scientist-in-Training Minigrant Proposals will be accepted from:

  1. Dermatology residents in the third or fourth year of the physician-scientist residency training program
  2. Dermatologists who are postdoctoral research fellows
  3. Postdoctoral research fellows with over one year research experience in the laboratories of PIs in the SBDRC who are doing skin research

Scientist-in-Training Minigrant Proposals should focus on an independent research area; a supporting letter from the mentor is required


  1. Proposals that use at least one of the SBDRC Research Cores and/or that propose interdepartmental (preferably interdisciplinary) collaborations
  2. Proposals for basic to translational projects


  1. Full Proposals $20,000-$50,000 per year; ability to competitively renew for 1 year
  2. Scientist-in-Training Minigrant Proposals: up to $15,000 each

Application due date: August 1, 2019
Anticipated funding start date: October 1, 2019