John Seykora, MD, PhD


Department of Dermatology

Perelman School of Medicine


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About the Lab:

Dr. Seykora is a physician scientist studying the mechanisms of UV-induced skin cancer with a focus on squamous cell carcinoma. A significant amount of work in his laboratory examined the biological properties of Srcasm, and Src activating and signaling protein, and its impact on regulating tyrosine kinases. Recently, laboratory focus has shifted to identifying genes associated with early stages of UV-induced skin cancer. Dr. Seykora is an outstanding role model of a dermatopathologist as a physician scientist. Research in his laboratory is funded by NIH and other sources.

Training Information:

Dr. Seykora has successfully mentored several trainees guiding them to receive Career Development Awards and K08 Awards. His trainees study molecular biology, cancer biology, signaling pathways, and generation and analysis of genetic mouse models, among other areas.

Current and Former T32 Trainees:

Elias E. Ayli, MD

Michael Gober, MD, PhD 

Yoko Suzuki-Horiuchi, PhD