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Dr. Abuabara physician-scientist with clinical expertise in inflammatory skin disease and training in dermatology, sociology, and epidemiology. Dr. Abuabara is Chair of the American Academy of Dermatology Diversity Committee, Co-Chair of the International Eczema Council Research Committee, and is an Associate Editor for the British Journal of Dermatology.

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“My years as a resident at Penn Dermatology were simply incredible. I got to learn dermatology from faculty with expertise in every corner of the
specialty, and I shared the experience with amazing co-residents.”

Caroline Nelson, MD, FAAD
GME Year2018

Lawrence Eichenfield, MD

“Some of my fondest memories [from residency] involve spending time sitting around the table in the conference room with the Kodak carousel slide projector humming, as Dr. James sips his Diet Dr. Pepper and grills us on unknowns.”

Aimee Payne, MD, PhD
GME Year2005

Simply life-transforming

“Dr. James not only was a role model and mentor, but he inspired me to a life of public service and leadership. He encouraged me to get involved in patient advocacy and health policy. Dr. James inspired me to pursue… Read more “Simply life-transforming”

Josephine C. Nguyen, MD, MHCDS, FAAD
GME Year2010

Auris Huen, MD, PharmD

Kelly MacArthur, MD
GME Year2019

Kenneth A. Katz, MD, MSc, MSCE

“The Department’s breadth of expertise and experience, dedication to residency education and training, and most importantly the amazing people and colleagues, helped shape me to be the clinician I am today.”

Derek Chu, MD
GME Year2015

“When I was a resident I had the opportunity to go to Botswana, and spent time through the global health track there. I have been reaching back as we develop a global health track at the University of Pittsburgh.”

Alaina James, MD, PhD
GME Year2008

Penn has always been the best department in the whole country…

“I go to as many lectures as I can related to Penn. I try to go to CHOP and HUP Philly Derm clinic just to talk to people and keeping in touch. Penn is everywhere, so it is easy to… Read more “Penn has always been the best department in the whole country…”

John Barton, MD
GME Year1985

“The common theme that I am grateful for are the mentors who have brought me to where I am now. It took 30-40 people to get to where I am now and to teach me what I know and to… Read more “”

John Harris, MD, PhD
GME Year2009

Article of the Month

Atopic dermatitis is known to be common among children, but there are few studies examining the epidemiology across the life course. In particular, there is a paucity of data on atopic dermatitis among older adults.