Giving back. Making a difference. Supporting Resident Wellness.


Wellness is an important pillar of our residency & fellow training programs.  As physicians, we strive to provide the best possible patient care.  However, we recognize that it is difficult to care for others if we do not also make time and space to care for ourselves.  Therefore, our priority is to build a supportive community for everyone to thrive.  The pandemic has posed unique challenges in this regard.

Wellness is different for each trainee.  While some may be adjusting to a new city, others may be managing studying for a board exam, or with challenges in their home life.  For most, residency is a time of change, which is exciting but also oftentimes stressful.

In addition, at Penn we care for many patients that are referred to us for very complex conditions.  Our residents help provide care for these patients 24/7 both with outpatient visits as well as inpatient coverage of our many consult services.  Supporting resident wellbeing is particularly important so they can continue to support our community and the referring physicians.

Through the generosity of donors, we have been able to provide programming to enhance physical as well as emotional and mental wellness.  This includes team building experiences, group hikes, resilience seminars, conversations on health equity and inclusion, as well as the creation of a Penn Derm Resident/Fellow Wellness Room that can be used to unwind and recharge.  For many residents, the highlight of the year is the annual retreat.

We are committed to the wellbeing of our residents & fellows and we hope to continue and expand upon our wellness efforts to help trainees maximize their potential and thrive.

Please visit our Resident Life and Wellness website for additional information: Resident Life and Wellness – Penn Dermatology Residents (