More Than Skin Deep: Psoriasis

Red patches, itchy, scaly skin, painful lesions — for sufferers of severe psoriasis, the outward signs of skin disease can be a serious impediment. But psoriasis is literally and figuratively more than skin deep, as detailed in an article in the new issue of Penn Medicine magazine.

The article profiles the groundbreaking research of Penn dermatologist Joel Gelfand, MD, who says psoriasis “was always thought to be ‘just a skin disease,’ characterized by skin cells turning over way too fast. Today, it’s well established that psoriasis is a disease of the immune system and that patients with psoriasis have higher rates of other conditions that share similar immunologic abnormalities.” One such condition with similar abnormalities? Heart disease.

Read the article embedded below (or download the PDF) to learn more about Gelfand’s research and how it is informing prevention strategies for people at risk.