Meet Dr. Anna Kersh!

Current T32 Postdoctoral Trainee and Participant in the 2+2 Physician-Scientist training program.

Dr. Anna Kersh earned her MD and PhD in Immunology and Molecular Pathogenesis from Emory University. At the bench she researched  T-cell phenotype and receptor affinity for antigen in autoimmune disease and in the clinic she initiated studies investigating systemic contact allergy to medication dyes and excipients.

Here at Penn she works with her mentor Dr. Thomas Leung to study the pathogenesis of lichen planus and other lichenoid dermatoses.

She has been awarded grants from the American Contact Dermatitis Society and Dermatology Foundation.

Outside the lab, Anna is a first-time mom to a baby boy, so that currently takes up most of her free time.  When she does find some “me” time, she enjoys painting, baking, and taking her dog for walks.