Christopher Hunter, BSc, PhD


Department of Pathobiology

School of Veterinary Medicine


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About the Lab:

Dr. Hunter’s lab is investigating how the immune response to parasitic infection is regulated to allow the development of protective immunity as well as to limit T cell mediated pathology. Dr. Hunter’s inclusion as a mentor provides our trainees with the opportunity to train in basic aspects of immunology research. The lab has significant expertise in cytokine biology and while the focus has been in understanding their role in infectious disease, these findings are frequently relevant to their function in autoimmunity and inflammatory processes associated with human disease.

Training Information:

Dr. Hunter has been directly responsible for the training of 15 post-docs and 26 students. Almost all of these individuals are still in science with trainees in faculty positions at University of Washington, UPenn, UVA, Columbia, Cornell, UC Riverside, University of Arkansas, Yale, and UMass, and six in faculty positions in Canada, Brazil and Europe.