Hydar Ali, PhD


Associate Dean of Faculty Diversity and Mentorship

Department of Basic & Translational Sciences

School of Dental Medicine


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About the Lab:

The Ali lab studies the role of G protein coupled receptor (GPCR) signaling in human mast cells. They recently identified MRGPRX2 as a novel GPCR that is predominantly expressed on human skin mast cells but no other immune or structural cells. The current focus of studies in the lab are to: (a) to identify the structural components of MRGPRX2 that interacts with multiple ligands and G proteins to induce mast cell degranulation, (b) to determine the roles of Ca2+ channels, granule-associated MRGPRX2, lipid rafts, autophagy proteins on mast cell degranulation and (c) to modulate pseudo-allergic skin reactions and experimental rosacea by targeting MRGPRX2 signaling in human mast cells. The Ali lab is funded by two NIH grants for this particular project.

Training Information:

Dr. Ali has trained many successful predoctoral and postdoctoral students and provides training related to skin mast cells, inflammation, and host defense.