Christopher Lengner, BS, PhD

Associate Professor

Associate Director, Institute for Regenerative Medicine

Director, Center for Animal Transgenesis

Department of Biomedical Sciences

School of Veterinary Medicine


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About the Lab:

The overarching goal of Dr. Lengner’s research program is to gain an understanding of the molecular mechanisms that govern stem cell potency and how dysregulation of these mechanisms can contribute to disease onset and progression, including oncogenesis. The Lengner laboratory employs genetic, genomic, and single-cell analysis approaches in murine systems to address these fundamental questions, and, in parallel, utilizes human induced pluripotent cells and patient samples to translate findings into human systems.

Training Information:

Dr. Lengner is the Associate Director of the Penn Institute for Regenerative Medicine. He is also active in several graduate groups and has trained several predoctoral and postdoctoral fellows since joining the faculty of Penn.