Jonathan Katz, MD

Associate Professor

Department of Medicine

Perelman School of Medicine


Faculty Webpage

About the Lab:

Dr. Katz’s research is focused broadly on functional analyses of epithelial proliferation, differentiation, and carcinogenesis, using both in vivo and in vitro approaches, including murine models and innovative three-dimensional tissue culture systems. To dissect the critical pathways regulating gastrointestinal epithelial homeostasis and disease, he has focused predominantly on the roles of two critical transcriptional regulators in the Krüppel-like factor (KLF) family of proteins, KLF4 and KLF5. A particular focus of his research has been the biology of the squamous-lined esophagus, and he has recently extended these investigations into the skin, supported by a Pilot Grant from the Penn SBDRC.

Training Information:

Dr. Katz has mentored both pre- and postdoctoral trainees, and is a member of the CAMB graduate group.