David Margolis, MD, PhD, MSCE


Department of Dermatology

Perelman School of Medicine


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About the Lab:

Dr. Margolis has had an active research program investigating topics in skin diseases using epidemiologic and biostatistical approaches including large medical databases and primary longitudinal registries that have included the collection of biomarkers and DNA. The largest of these studies have focused on atopic dermatitis and genes involved in barrier dysfunction and immune regulation. He has also studied chronic wounds for more than 20 years. These investigations include some of the earliest studies on predicting and risk stratifying those least likely to heal. He is also the chair of the promotion and appointments committee for PSOM. He has conducted collaborative research with many of the trainers including Drs. Grice, Gelfand, Seykora, Payne, Nathanson, Mitra, Lautenbach, Takeshita, Werth, Rook and Tischkoff. Drs. Gelfand and Takeshita were mentees of Dr. Margolis. He has received funding from K08, K23, multiple R01s, and N01.

Training Information:

Dr. Margolis has mentored more than 20 residents and fellows. The majority have received advanced training in epidemiology and many are currently faculty members at academic medical centers including Drs. Abuabara, Gelfand, Fett, Schmults, and Wan.

Current and Former T32 Trainees:

Kenneth A. Katz, MD

Joy Wan, MS, MD

Mackenzie R. Wehner, MD

John Barbieri, MD