Patrick Seale, PhD

Associate Professor

Department of Cell and Developmental Biology

Perelman School of Medicine


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About the Lab:

Dr. Seale’s research is aimed at understanding the regulatory pathways that control the development, differentiation, and function of adipose (fat) cells. The lab employs a wide range of basic molecular biology techniques combined with genetic and metabolic analyses in mice. Dr. Seale is committed to training students and fellows to develop into successful independent basic researchers. He co-directs the graduate course on “Principles of Development” and is a faculty mentor for 2nd year graduate students in the Developmental and Stem Cell Biology PhD program. As part of the Dermatology Research Training Grant, Dr. Seale can provide basic research training focused on mechanisms of gene regulation, epigenetics and genomic analyses to understand stem/precursor cell biology.

Training Information:

The Seale lab is well-funded and has mentored 5 PhD students, 2 of which are now in postdoctoral fellowship research position.