Victoria Werth, MD


Department of Dermatology

Perelman School of Medicine


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About the Lab:

Dr. Werth’s laboratory focuses on the effects of UV light on skin, with a focus on the role of inflammatory cytokines and modulation in photosensitivity and photodamage. She has a longstanding interest in translational research in autoimmune skin diseases, including cutaneous lupus erythematosus and dermatomyositis, both photo-induced autoimmune skin diseases, and in improving the understanding of the pathogenesis of the skin findings in these diseases. Dr. Werth has an active clinical practice in which she follows many patients with autoimmune skin diseases, who provide an extensive patient base for her work, which is both basic and translational. She is an excellent model of a physician scientist who does translational research.

Training Information:

Dr. Werth’s trainees gain expertise in translational and clinical trials research. Her research is funded by VA grants and other sources, and prior trainees who participated in our Training Program have been extremely productive.

Current and Former T32 Trainees:

Laura M. Chang

Rachel S. Klein, MD

Cynthia O. Anyanwu

Siamak Moghandam-Kia, MD