Penn offers a variety of sustainability and green initiatives across campus 

Visit the Penn Sustainability Website to view the details of University’s Sustainability Plan.

You’ll also find information on a wide variety of programs offered throughout the University that are designed to reduce the environmental footprint of the Penn Community.

Listed below are a just a few programs of interest

Green Labs

Green labs is a program designed to help labs reduce their overall environmental footprint.  Visit the website to get helpful tips, download the Green Lab Guide, and register become a committed Green Lab.

Special Recycling Programs

Did you know in addition to standard recycling, Penn offers Specialized Recycling and Reuse Collections?

See the website for full details, but here is a list of Perelman School of Medicine collections sites:

  • Batteries
    • Clinical Research Building (CRB), 1st Floor Break Room (Room 102)
    • Anatomy/Chemistry (Anat/Chem), Room 217
  • Eyeglasses: CRB 102 and Anat/Chem 217
  • Light Bulbs: CRB 102 and Anat/Chem 217
  • Writing Utensils: CRB 102 and Anat/Chem 217
  • Shoes: Anat/Chem 217
  • Toner: Anat/Chem 217
Bike Commuter Reimbursement Program

Did you know qualified faculty & staff may be eligible for up reimbursement of up to $240 annually for eligible expenses like bike purchases; maintenance, improvements, and bike accessories; parking and commercial storage costs; and safety gear? Visit the Penn Bike Commuter Expense Reimbursement Program website for details.