Established in 2019 as a new Dermatology training program, the goal of ECuRE is to provide short-term opportunities in the cutaneous sciences for students who have begun high school but have not yet graduated from medical school and is inclusive for all short-term research students working in the department.

The goal of ECuRE is to 1) fund 2-3 scholarships for summer research internships and 2) provide scientific enrichment, career development programming and networking opportunities for all trainees doing summer research in the Department of Dermatology.

In short, ECuRE is a home for all short-term summer research students in Dermatology including but not limited to ECuRE scholarships recipients, local high school students participating in the SBDRC’s PASH Program, BGS Summer Undergraduate Internship Program (SUIP) students, and any other students (paid or volunteer) conducting intensive summer research in Dermatology.

Previous Summer Program Offerings:

Dermatology Research Flash Talks

Learn about research topics and techniques from Penn Dermatology trainees covering a wide array of subjects from skin and hair disorders, stem cell regulation, epigenetics, epidemiology, microbiome, evolution, cutting-edge methods, and outreach initiates.

Responsible Conduct of Research Training

Learn about research ethics and best practices related to acquisition and management of data (your lab notebooks) and research misconduct. We will use case studies and role playing to make this a fun and informative activity for all.

Meet the Mentors

A roundtable format, in these interactive and informal sessions Dermatology faculty and senior trainees answers participants’ questions on a wide range of topics including preparing yourself for a career in science/medicine, work-life balance, navigating group/laboratory dynamics, developing a scientific and professional network, and more.