Diversity & Community Track (Dermatology Diversity and Community Engagement Residency Position)

Faculty Lead: Susan Taylor
Associate Faculty Lead: Tayo Ogunleye

The Department of Dermatology at the University of Pennsylvania has a long history of training the world’s next clinician leaders, researchers, and educators.  ​In conjunction with our mission to further knowledge in our field and improve the health of our patients​, we are committed to reducing healthcare disparities and working to combat racism ​and prejudice in all its forms. Our entire program, including this specific track, aims to: 

  1. Address the social determinants of health that negatively affect our patients
  2. Engage with and empower under-served communities (including locally in Philadelphia, nationally, and internationally)
  3. Promote diversity in our field to better reflect the population and the patients we serve

Beyond our department’s broad efforts in these areas, ​and to further support our commitment to diversity and community engagement, we offer a new residency track, the Dermatology Diversity and Community Engagement Residency training position. We are looking for applicants with proven interest and experience in community engagement, volunteerism, and mentorship of underserved populations; personal or family experience living in a medically underserved area or community; and experience in organizational leadership and advocacy. 

Applicants matching into this track will complete the traditional three-year training program. They will be paired with mentors with experience in Skin of Color, diversity, advocacy, volunteerism, and community engagement, and will be encouraged and supported to pursue projects through elective rotations, research projects, curriculum development, volunteerism, and/or clinical activities.   As part of your application to this track (in addition to selection of the track ​in ERAS) please include an additional statement (up to 250 words) as a second page to your personal statement. In your additional statement, please explain why you feel you are qualified for the position and briefly describe your plan or project to further promote diversity and community engagement in dermatology.