Diversity and Inclusion

Our program values at its core the diversity of patients we are privileged to care for, and our department recognizes the need for building that same diversity within our dermatology work force. As a result, we value the life experiences of our applicants, residents and faculty in shaping them to be who they are today. On this page, we aim to highlight resources and opportunities available at Penn, within our department and beyond. We also want to spotlight those individuals in our department who are champions for diversity through their community outreach, research, and mentorship.

Disclaimer: The information on our site is not meant to be a comprehensive list, but some key resources and opportunities that are available to promote diversity and inclusion.


Penn Med Alliance of Minority Physicians (AMP).

Established in Penn Dermatology

Diversity champion and team

  • Participation in the Diversity champion workshop sponsored by the AAD (Dr. Taylor, Dr. Ogunleye, Dr. James, Dr. Rosenbach and Dr. Simpson)
  • Participation in the AAD Diversity Mentorship Program

For Medical Students

For our residents and our community

  • Education
    • Established resident education in skin of color, and health care disparities
    • Sesident book club/journal club on issues of racial injustice
    • Departmental Grand Rounds on Diversity and Racism
  • Teledermatology to Federally Qualified Health Centers and Charity Clinics (volunteer care for vulnerable patients)
    • Penn Derm at Puentes de Salud using Access Derm
    • Support of Philadelphia City Clinics using AZOVA
  • Mentorship
    • Mentorship and career guidance from any of our attendings, and specifically those in our department with a particular focus in diversity and inclusion
    • Periodic lectures and events with the SNMA (Student National Medical Association), LMSA (Latino Medical Student Association) and MAPS (Minority Association of Premedical Students)
  • Outreach
    • PASH is a 4-Saturday program at Penn for disadvantaged/minority Philadelphia public high school students. Opportunity for subsequent paid summer research positions at Penn and Jefferson