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Cutaneous Phenomics And Transcriptomics (CPAT)

The role of the Cutaneous Phenomics and Transcriptomics Core (CPAT) is to provide services and training for the molecular characterization and histopathologic analysis of skin samples. Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies for genomic and transcriptomic analysis, and advanced in-vivo imaging systems, are underpinned by expertise in skin immunohistotechnology and pathology. Translation of basic research findings to the clinic are enabled by an extensive archive of human skin disease and control samples.

The mission of the Cutaneous Phenomics and Transcriptomics Core (CPAT) is to provide innovative, state-of-the-art services that help members of the PENN SBDRC determine the molecular and histologic features of skin and its diseases. These services include cutting edge techniques for genomic (exome-seq) and transcriptomic analysis of cutaneous single cells (scRNA-seq) and subpopulations of skin cells (LCM), advanced in-vivo imaging (Two-photon and macrofluoresent imaging), and comprehensive functional analyses of the epidermal barrier (TEWL, pH, and corneometry), all with the goal to better phenotype and ultimately treat skin diseases. In addition, CPAT provides access to a wide variety of in vitro/in vivo cutaneous models, and human archived FFPE dermatopathology specimens. Expertise in skin tissue processing (FFPE and cryo) and microtomy are available, along with histochemical stains, immunoassays, and in situ hybridization. For most services that are offered, protocols, consultation, training and equipment is available. For convenience and efficiency, a comprehensive online form is used for submission of projects and requests, the details of which are automatically populated into a database, which is then used for tracking projects, core output, and billing. Additionally, online calendars are available for reserving equipment. Turnaround time for routine projects is generally ten working days or less. Together, CPAT Core services enhance cutaneous disease research at Penn and outside institutions by providing a unique research infrastructure and broad expertise in a cost-effective manner.

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Skin tissue processing, microtomy, and staining (FFPE)
Archived human skin specimens (normal and diseased)
Immunostaining and cryosections
Laser Capture Microdissection (LCM)
RNAscope in situ hybridization
Skin barrier testing (TEWL, pH, and corneometry) - COMING IN AUGUST 2022!
Skin single cell suspension and library generation for scRNA-seq - COMING SOON
Intravital imaging (Two-photon microscopy and macrofluoresence) - COMING SOON