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Skin Translational Research Core (STaR)

The goals of the Skin Translational Research Core (STaR) are to facilitate basic and translational research in skin biology through provision of primary human skin cells, human skin, and engineered organotypic skin, together with technical and administrative support for their use, including the Penn Derm BioBank, training on primary human skin culture, high-throughput screening, and skin xenografts. Our core provides the IRB approvals for the procurement of these tissues.

Important Note: Specialized patient consent processes are necessary for studies that fall under the Genomic Data Sharing (GDS) Policy, this includes all single cell analysis. If the GDS policy applies to your work, contact the Core Director Aimee Payne, MD, PhD, before the start of your study to ensure that you are using properly consented tissues. It is the responsibility of the investigator to ensure the use of all SBDRC-provided materials and services are in compliance with the GDS and other applicable NIH policies.


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Primary human skin cells
Primary skin cell culture training
Fresh normal and diseased human skin
Human skin xenografts on immunodeficient mice
Organotypic skin engineering/xenografts
High-throughput screening - NEW
Penn Derm BioBank - COMING SOON