Core C

Data Science And Informatics Core (DSI)

The DSI Core provides assistance to investigators on the planning, design, and analysis of skin research studies. Using a combination of epidemiological, statistical, and informatic approaches, the DSI Core aims to ensure high standards rigor, reproducibility, and efficiency of both bench and translational research studies conducted by SBDRC investigators. DSI Core services are sub-divided into two areas:

Study design and biostatistical services

  • Study design methodologies to implement rigorous experimental and clinical investigations
  • Statistical methodologies to evaluate project research hypotheses
  • Interpretation of research data
  • Translational and clinical trial designs

Biomedical informatics & computational dermatology services

  • Bioinformatics approaches for the analysis and conceptualization of multi-omic datasets
  • ***Coming Soon***Medical informatics approaches to query medical records databases from UPHS and extramural sources.
Core A Services



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Skin bioinformatics including analysis of 16s RNA, RNA-seq, ChIP-seq, and LCM sequencing data
Design and statistical analysis of animal and human studies
Biomarker analysis