Grant Submission Instructions

SBDRC Pilot & Feasibility Grant Program

2021 Application Instructions

All applications should include the following elements and be collated into a single pdf file and sent to by August 20, 2021:

  1. Title page (1 page):
    • Grant title
    • Statement of investigator’s eligibility, including relevance of the application to NIAMS interest in skin biology and diseases (required)
    • Brief summary of proposed use of SBDRC cores
  2. Specific Aims (1 page) 
  3. Research Strategy (2 pages)
    • NIH format with Significance, Innovation, and Approach sections
  4. References
  5. Protection of Human Subjects, Data Safety Monitoring Plan, PHS Inclusion Enrollment Report, Inclusion of Women and Minorities, Inclusion Across the Lifespan (if applicable)
  6. Vertebrate Animals (if applicable)
  7. Letters of Support (optional)
  8. Authentication of Key Biological and/or Chemical Resources
  9. Resource Sharing Plan(s) for:
    • Data
    • Model organisms
    • Genomic Data
  10. Select Agent Research (if applicable)
  11. Budget using NIH budget page PHS 398/FP4. Include personnel and budget justification.
  12. NIH Biosketch, 2021 format
  13. Formatting by NIH guidelines is required, including acceptable fonts in black type and 0.5” page margins


The following criteria will be used in assigning scores:

  1. Investigator eligibility (required for consideration)
  2. Biological or clinical relevance of the project to skin biology and/or skin diseases within the NIAMS mission (please note, research on pre-cancerous lesions or the early stages of malignant transformation is acceptable, but not research solely focused on skin cancer)
  3. Testability and innovation of the hypothesis
  4. Strength of premise for the hypothesis
  5. Appropriateness and rigor of experimental approaches
  6. Use of SBDRC Resource Cores
  7. Interdisciplinary, interdepartmental and basic-translational collaborative aspects of project
  8. Appropriate policies in accordance with NIH guidelines for vertebrate animals, human subjects, resource sharing, select agent use
  9. Feasibility of supporting future external grant proposals
  10. For mini-grants, feasibility of supporting future transition to an independent research faculty position

Investigators receiving Penn SBDRC P&F grants will be required to:

  • Provide IACUC and IRB protocol approvals before funding start date
  • Submit a 1-page progress report by 6/15/2022 and 12/15/2022
  • Present P&F-generated data at the 2023 Penn SBDRC Scientific Symposium (to be held in March 2023)
  • Provide annual updates on resulting grants and publications
  • Participate in future SBDRC P&F Study Sections to evaluate applications