Eleven Penn SBDRC Investigators Receive Research Awards from the Dermatology Foundation

The Dermatology Foundation recently announced the recipients of their 2021 Research Awards. Recipients this year included the following Penn Dermatology SBDRC investigators:

  • Christoph T. Ellebrecht, MD: Physician Scientist Career Development Award, “Development of Targeted Immunotherapy for and Transcriptional Profiling of gamma delta T Cell Diseases”
  • Aayushi Uberoi, PhD: Science of Human Appearance Career Development Award, “Skin Microbiome-Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Crosstalk at Skin Interface Regulates Barrier Function”
  • Paul L. Haun, MD: Dermatopathology Research Career Development Award, “Biomarker Analysis of Transcriptome Signatures in Mycosis Fungoides Across Clinicopathologic Stages”
  • Anna Kersh, MD PhD: Dermatologist Investigator Research Fellowship, “Elucidating Genes Involved in the Pathogenesis of Lichen Planus and Lichenoid Dermatoses”
  • Matthew L. Hedberg, MD PhD: Research Grant, “Immunoediting in Cutaneous Squamous Carcinogenesis”
  • Zelma C. Chiesa-Fuxench, MD: Diversity Research Supplement Award, “Risk of Infection in Adult Patients with Atopic Dermatitis Exposed to Janus Kinase Inhibitors (JAKi)”
  • Junko Takeshita, MD PhD: Diversity Research Supplement Award, “Evaluating Racial/Ethnic Differences in the Quality-of-Life Impact of Acne”
  •  Junko Takeshita, MD PhD: Diversity Research Supplement Awards, “Understanding Health Care Seeking Behaviors for Pediatric Atopic Dermatitis”

Additionally, several SBDRC investigators renewed awards from the Dermatology Foundation, including:

  • Brian C. Capell, MD PhD: Charles and Daneen Stiefel Scholar Award in Skin Cancer (Year 3), “Restoring Epigenomic Histone Methylation Dynamics for the Treatment of Keratinocyte Carcinomas”
  • Elizabeth A. Grice, PhD: Sun Pharma Research Award (Year 3), “Harnessing the Commensal Skin Microbiota to Modulate Inflammation and Barrier Function”
  • Joy Way, MD MSCE: Public Health Career Development Award (Year 2), “Neurocognitive Functioning of Children with Atopic Dermatitis”
  • Donna M. Brennan-Crispi, PhD: Science of Human Appearance Career Development Award (Year 3), “Roles and Modulation of WNT-FZD Signaling in Hair”

The Dermatology Foundation is a 501(c)3 charitable organization dedicated to enabling advances in patient care. This is achieved by providing funding to promising early and mid-career investigators with novel ideas to shape the future of dermatology. More information on the Dermatology Foundation, the Research Awards Program, and the full list of recipients can be found here: https://dermatologyfoundation.org/rap/